For more than 50 years, the ministry `Stimme des Glaubens´ (Voice of Faith) has sent out many buckets of “Living Water” and many people have been saved and encouraged. God has given us an opportunity to bring the `Buckets of Living Water´ to the people. Honor and thanks be to our Lord and Saviour!
Our convinction is that every Christian should be equipped with the necessary material for evangelism. Therefore we tried for decades to provide for our brothers and sisters the material for an effective work in HIS Kingdom.
We do not send out bills for all the Literature, magazines, CDs and DVDs published by the ministry.

In the name of Jesus Christ we thank each and everyone who made the mission work possible. We appreciate your support in finances as well as bearing us in prayer! We believe deep in our hearts it is the Living God who will reward everything to all of our supporters they need.

If you appreciate our work and want to help us to bear the financial burden, you can help the ministry in using the following bank accounts or give online via PayPal / Credit Card:
(Just in case: `Ich bin kein Roboter´ means `I am not a robot´)


Thank your for your support!

We appreciate you so much!

All His Blessings to You!




Bank Accounts for Donations:

Volksbank Konstanz, IBAN: DE06 6929 1000 0214 1158 08 / BIC: GENODE61RAD

Sparkasse Karlsruhe, IBAN: DE35 6605 0101 0009 9293 32 / BIC: KARSDE66XXX

PostFinance, Konto 800546579 / IBAN: CH70 0900 0000 8005 4657 9 / BIC: POFICHBEXXX

Raiffeisenbank am Bodensee, IBAN: AT22 3743 1000 0382 2947 / BIC: RVVGAT2B431

Other Countries:
Postbank Stuttgart, IBAN: DE47 6001 0070 0060 1357 03 / BIC: PBNKDEFFXXX